What is data room software?

TL;DR - Data room software solutions, products, and services are a way to share data and documents online securely.

What is data room software? A data room or virtual data room (VDR) is a secure website online that is used to share information, data, and documents with people. A VDR will help you organize your documents, share documents and data with people interested and involved in the decision making around an offering, deal, fund, or other private offering. IPP insights.land is a modern, easy to use, streamlined data room.

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What are the benefits of using data room software?

  •   Reduce risk: Compliance, legal, and security concerns addressed
  •   Reduce time: Get pricing, offerings, and subscriptions faster
  •   A full, real-time audit trail of all activity

What does data room software cost?

TL;DR - There are many pricing schemes, so buyer beware! IPP offers unlimited everything for a fixed price per month

What does data room software cost? To determine a data room software price is not always straightforward, and the market is filled with vendors that will charge you as much as you will give them. The best pricing is an unlimited plan where you are never charged more for adding deal, number of documents, number of users, deals, and the price is not tied to AUM or the amount of deals you are doing. You should NEVER be nickel and dimed into paying a higher price every month or year or transaction. You will get into the data room software and eventually after a few months or weeks you'll be paying double what you signed up for. At this point you are 'locked in' and it is sometimes hard for certain firms to get your data out. Be very wary of data rooms that are priced without unlimited pricing. Make sure to ask about hosting charges as well. Normally, these are billed after you sign the deal, so a 10,000/year deal quickly goes to 20,000 a year with hosting added.

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What are the benefits of unlimited users for a fixed price?

  •   Unlimited documents, data, and users, so you are free to grow without additional cost
  •   There are no surprises on your bill and no hidden charges
  •   You save time, treasure, and talent

What is the best data room software advantage?

TL;DR - Saving time, treasure, and talent

What is the best data room software advantage? A virtual data room (VDR) eliminates the need to travel onsite to view documents. It is less costly, and saves you money on your transaction, and it results in a faster closing process. Security, organization, and document exchange are all taken care of in a VDR.

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Benefits to both sides

  •   Reduce the time it takes people to get reports
  •   Provide unique experiences to each user
  •   Close faster and reduce risk

Data room software companies

TL;DR - There are many players, but only one type you want.

Data room software companies. There are three types of software firms selling data room software solutions. The first type are old entrenched players that have old technology, cost a lost, are loaded with features you don't want or need, and never have the features that you do need. The second type are smaller players that offer cookie cutter, out of the box solutions that are plain vanilla, do not truly help your data room needs, and are not highly secure. The third, are solutions that are modern, clean, and built on open source. Offering unlimited users for a fixed price. There is only one provider in the third bucket, and that is IPP.

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Best data room software qualities

  •   Modern, flexible, open, fixed price, and secure
  •   Mobile friendly with secure apps and features
  •   Your spend should not determine your support

How long does data room software take to implement?

TL;DR - One day

How long does data room software take to implement? Virtual data rooms are often integrated with current processes and software, however you should be able to login to your new data room about a day after signing up. All documents can be setup in moments, and users are invited one at a time with personalized invitations.

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Data room software timing?

  •   Quicker feedback from every party for DDM and Q&A
  •   On-boarding, signing, and closing are all sped up
  •   Spend less time being a librarian and more time adding value

Why use a VDR during a transaction?

TL;DR - Security, simplicity, and savings.

Why use a VDR during a transaction? A VDR expedites M&A, fundraising, deal flow, and closing. It automates manual processes, is accessible from anywhere, and is more secure. In short, a product like IPP insights.land can save you time, treasure, and talent.

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What types of transactions are perfect for a VDR?

  •   Traditional: M&A, takeovers, public offerings, and corporate actions
  •   Early: Fundraising, capital introduction, and on-boarding
  •   Complex: PIPEs, SPACs, and reverse mergers

Where is a data room hosted?

TL;DR - Anywhere you want

Where is a data room hosted? Virtual data rooms (VDRs) are software solutions, and can be hosted anywhere, including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, any other cloud provider, or on premises wherever you want. If you run into a vendor that only uses one hosting provider, and doesn't let you choose, it's probably a good idea to remove them from consideration.

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Why do hosting options matter?

  •   Flexibility and control over your data
  •   Resiliency, redundancy, and risk reduction
  •   Security that you control and trust

Are online data rooms more secure than physical data room?

TL;DR - Yes.

Are online data rooms more secure than physical data room? Sharing sensitive material, trade secrets, IP, and financial details online allows secure encryption, hardware based authentication, multi factor authentication, visitor logs, and more. Each document that is viewed is logged. Each action is encrypted. Each file is safe, and things can’t get lost or unorganized.

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What security benefits can you achieve?

  •   End-to-end encryption
  •   Log every document interaction
  •   Ensure every bit of information is secure

What is due diligence, due diligence management, or DDM?

TL;DR - Research and review of information to reach a conclusion

DDM is the process, phase, and personal scrutiny of a deal, document, or person involved in a transaction. Steps include; performing background checks, analyzing required bits of information, and other investigative intelligence until all the parts of your formula and complete, and you are satisfied that nothing is left to chance. DDM is conducted by all parties involved in a deal. Allowing everyone to ‘perform your own due diligence’ is something a VDR like IPP insights.land is built for.

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What are common DDM documents?

  •   Legal and non-legal contracts
  •   Historical and active information
  •   All communications and interactions

What happens during due diligence in the context of a virtual data room?

  •   Automation, workflows, and processes are digitized and order is achieved
  •   Everyone involved saves time and money
  •   All interested parties can access documents synchronously
  •   Fact-finding can be done online, 24/7, anywhere you are
  •   Document review, logging, encryption, and satisfaction all occur online
  •   Contract review is private and moves at your own pace
  •   Financials can be reviewed by accountants from their office, with their toolbox of calculators on-hand
  •   Your tax group reviews tax returns on their time
  •   Board minutes, addendums, side letters, and more can be copy and pasted into machine learning for anomaly detection
  •   Conduct DDM until you have the truth
  •   Get to an offer price faster that is better informed

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What are the key steps?

  •   Upload all key pieces of information
  •   Due diligence reviews and Q&A
  •   Signatures, closing, and analytics

Is M&A data room software popular?

TL;DR - Yes.

Is M&A data room software popular? M&A is a popular use case for virtual data room software, and you can use insights.land by IPP to help your M&A transactions get to pricing and closing faster. Security, simplicity, usefulness, and availability are all key components to help your firm with the process. Built in roles and processes that you can define with precision are all included in a fixed price per year, regardless of the amount of logins or firms you are talking to. Start with a demo or sign up today.

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What makes data room software for M&A effective?

  •   No travel required, and no complex off hour appointments
  •   Get pricing and closing done faster
  •   Automate complex bits and keep the team on track

What makes IPP amongst the best data room providers?

TL;DR - Quick setup, most security, and unlimited users for a fixed price

What makes IPP amongst the best data room providers?
Security: Your data in more safe with insights.land than any other provider. Our security is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. We offer hardware based access, meaning a special key needs to be mailed to each party in order to login to the portal. We also offer DNSSEC, multi-factor authentication, Ransomeware checks on documents, antivirus on documents, the most complex password rules engine, including blocking known breached passwords, and common words.
Ease of use: Our data room is based on an app store to add / remove applications that help you with the deal. We offer everything from 3rd party file sharing integration, mapping and geospatial data enrichment, kanban boards for workflow, and more. All of the features you don’t need are removed from view during setup. IPP is fast, powerful and easy-to-use.

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VDR security highlights

  •   End-to-end encryption
  •   Hardware authentication
  •   Advanced password algorithms

Is it a GDPR compliant data room?

TL;DR - Somewhat

Is it a GDPR compliant data room? Compliance with the GDPR is mandatory for modern data rooms, and how you deploy access to sensitive information. IPP can hep by securing and enabling high-value content within regulated sectors. IPP has a significant portfolio of capabilities to help you reduce risks under challenging regulations, including the GDPR.

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Thing to keep in mind about GDPR

  •   Great software can only help you improve your GDPR stance
  •   The ultimate responsibility for compliance is still on your shoulders
  •   You must facilitate the sharing requirements and log them

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