Hedge Fund Investor Portal Software Solutions

Raise funds faster, conduct online interactive deal marketing, reduce IR inquiries, and provide investors the best investor portal experience possible

Hedge Fund Investor Portal Software, Services, and Systems

Hedge fund investor portal software solutions that are integrated with your fund administrator, co-branded with your logo and colors, affordable, and sophisticated. Get in touch about our hedge fund solutions.

 InterFirm° HF

Hedge fund CRM software for IRM and investor nurturing

Track investor relationship activity, automate feedback, deliver documents & data online, and improve relationships and communication with your investors using IterFirm, our hedge fund CRM software.

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  Virtual data rooms (VDR)

Online fund raising, deal marketing, and deal team solutions for hedge funds. InvestorPortaLPro™ will reduce time and improve your fund raising pipeline.

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  Fund accounting integration

Fund data, investor document automation and integration from your accounting system or fund administrator with data integraiton and dynamic document creation and distribution.

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  InvestorHub° HF

Automated static & dynamic reporting

Hedge fund reporting software and solutions for dynamically reporting NAV, indexing your funds, and generating monthly statements with one click. Link everything from transactions to fund marketing information for investors and prospects. Client and fund-level reports direct from your accounting system, excel, or fund admin.

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  Private & secure info sharing

Security and transparency for your firm, fund, and investor information. All information on InvestorPortaLPro is encrypted in storage and transit for your security and compliance.

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  Compliance & assurances

InvestorPortaLPro provides our clients a governance-focused, audit-friendly service with applicable security compliance regulations or audit standards. Our solutions are built on top of AWS, and leverage a number of their certifications for our shared customer success.

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Investor portal software for hedge, FoF, and boutiques

Designed for Investor Relations, Deal Teams, and Portfolio Managers
to make you more efficient, effective, and successful.

InvestorPortaLPro™ software is built for investors to easily find documents and data online. Our features allow you to manage investor relations, communicate and collaborate with clients, and monitor your investor portal interactions. InvestorPortaLPro™ is securely hosted and SSAE SOC II Type 2 certified. Our tools will help you make better business decisions, reduce risk, and collaborate with your current and prospective investors.

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Sophisticated and scalable hedge fund, fund of fund, and boutique technology

InvestorPortaLPro™ enhances your investor communication with security, stability, and advanced technology.

  • Securely transmit documents and data to investors
  • Automated performance reporting, distributions, and payments
  • Metrics & dashboards to add value quickly for investors
  • Control fund marketing and fund-raising online
  • Track, analyze, and audit investor relationships

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Imagine hedge fund investor portals and alternative investment software that becomes an integral part of your business.

We have never lost a client. We take the time to listen to your needs before selling you software. We appreciate our clients time, and look forward to speaking with you today about potentially partnering with us. Thank you ahead of time for providing your contact information and a brief description of what your goals are today. We value your privacy and will never sell or provide your information to 3rd parties

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Why choose a boutique alternative investments software firm?

There are many reasons to choose InvestorPortaLPro™. We are affordable yet sophisticated, 100% dedicated to investor portals, and spend most of our revenue on research and development to build a better portal for our customers and their investors.

• Enhanced Security: InvestorPortalPro provides a secure portal that ensures investors can access sensitive hedge fund information without the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

• Streamlined Communication: InvestorPortalPro facilitates communication between hedge fund managers and investors through its portal, reducing the need for manual communication methods.

• Increased Transparency: With InvestorPortalPro, investors can easily access and understand their hedge fund investments, improving transparency and trust between investors and hedge fund managers.

• Customizable Reporting: InvestorPortalPro offers customizable reports and analytics tools to help investors monitor the performance of their portfolio and make informed investment decisions.

• Automated Processes: InvestorPortalPro automates various processes such as document management, investor communication, and compliance, reducing administrative burden and minimizing errors.

• User-Friendly Interface: The InvestorPortalPro platform has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, ensuring investors have a positive experience.

• Simplified Onboarding: InvestorPortalPro streamlines investor onboarding and subscription processes, enabling hedge funds to quickly onboard new investors and launch new funds.

• Compliance Support: InvestorPortalPro facilitates regulatory compliance by maintaining comprehensive records and providing audit trails, ensuring hedge funds adhere to relevant laws and regulations.

• Historical Performance Data: With InvestorPortalPro, investors can access historical performance data, enabling them to analyze past performance and make informed investment decisions.

• Timely Information: InvestorPortalPro provides timely and accurate information, enhancing investor relations and trust between hedge funds and their investors.

• Competitive Advantage: InvestorPortalPro provides hedge fund managers with a modern and innovative platform, enhancing investor experience and transparency, thereby giving them a competitive advantage.

• Scalability: InvestorPortalPro is a scalable solution that accommodates hedge funds of different sizes and types, from start-up to institutional funds.

  Our vision & dreams

"We shall build good software here, at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always good software."

InvestorPortaLPro™ aims to be the most user-friendly, affordable, and modern investor portal on the market for firms of all sizes, including private equity, real estate, public companies, private companies, banks, wealth managers, and asset servicers.

  Our people, ethics, and experiences

100% of our team has experience designing, building, and servicing investor portals. We are confident you will not find a more honest, straight-forward, and down to earth team in the space. We are also hiring. Please contact us about joining our team of alternative investment software professionals.

  100% customer success & retention

Every implementation we have done is unique, and all have been success stories for our clients. Our organization is founded on the simple belief that we are successful when our clients are completely happy. We offer flexible pricing, financing options, and certain guarantees in our contracts for your success and ours.

  R&D commitment

InvestorPortaLPro™ develops the most technically advanced alternative investment software and investor portal software on the market today. Designed to be useful, and user friendly. You can choose to host IPP yourself (on premises), or with any hosting provider such as Azure™, or Amazon™ AWS. IPP is built using open source software. Since we develop sophisticated technology we spend a large majority of our budget on research and development.