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Investor Relationship Management Products from IPP

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- premier file sharing and collaboration with thousands of features
- Banded pricing
- Unrestricted, unrefined, and unequaled - CUSTOM investor portals
- Unlimited pricing
- Simple, white labelled file sharing
- Banded pricing
- Alternative investment firm operating systaem in the cloud
- Metered and banded pricing

Affordably priced and infinitely scalable

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  • Wide variety of products tailored to every need
  • No limits on users, accounts, investors, etc.
  • Secure, cloud, modern, SaaS / PaaS, and elegant
  • Fully branded / white-labelled / custom
  • Fast setup and 'go live'

IPP is the only portal on the market with unlimited users, unlimited investors, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited deals, unlimited funds, unlimited investments, and well... you get the idea. InvestorPortaLPro is truly the most scalable, affordable, and sophisticated investor portal on the market. Give us a chance to impress you.

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Our Company: InvestorPortaLPro Advantages

There are many reasons to choose InvestorPortaLPro™ for your investor portal platforms. We are affordable AND sophisticated, 100% dedicated to investor portals, and spend most of our revenue (+50%) on research and development (R&D) to build a better portal for YOU, our customers and your investors of all asset classes. We give people a personalized & tailored experience, which is specific to their unique financial picture. Connect & visualize key data such as interactions and use them to make decisions more effectively throughout your partnership. Share & store documents and data online, with an integrated communications platform, to expand conversations. Contact us today for a demo of our solutions, and see the IPP difference for yourself.

Our Vision

"We shall build good software here, at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always good software."

InvestorPortaLPro™ aims to be the most user-friendly, affordable, and modern investor portal on the market for firms of all sizes, including private equity, real estate, public companies, private companies, banks, wealth managers, and asset servicers.

Our People

100% of our team has experience designing, building, and servicing investor portals. We are confident you will not find a more honest, straight-forward, and down to earth team in the space. We are also hiring. Please contact us about joining our team of alternative investment software professionals.

100% Customer Success

Every implementation is unique. Let's build your success story. We are founded on the belief that we are successful when our clients are. We offer flexible pricing, financing options, and certain guarantees in our contracts for your success and ours.

Research and Development

InvestorPortaLPro™ develops technically advanced investor portal software platforms (Paas / Saas) designed to be useful, and user friendly. We use 100% open source solutions in our technology stack, and provide root access to your teams. Since we develop sophisticated technology, we spend a majority of our budget on R&D.