Effortless Engagement: How Automated Onboarding Transforms Investment Access

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Benefits of automated investor onboarding

The primary benefit of automating investor onboarding for prospective investors in your alternative investment fund lies in the acceleration and enhancement of the overall onboarding experience. Automation streamlines and expedites the often complex and time-consuming process, reducing manual intervention and paperwork. This efficiency not only saves valuable time for both investors and your team but also ensures a smoother and more standardized onboarding journey. Prospective investors encounter a seamless process, reducing friction and potential errors, thereby fostering a positive impression and encouraging quicker engagement with your fund. Ultimately, this automation facilitates quicker access to investment opportunities, enabling investors to participate more swiftly and efficiently in your fund's offerings.

  • Accelerate Investor Onboarding
  • Automating the onboarding process in alternative investment funds expedites and streamlines procedures, saving time for both investors and teams.
  • Enhance Investor Onboarding Experience
  • Automation ensures a smoother, error-reduced onboarding journey, fostering a positive impression and quicker engagement.
  • Facilitate Swift Access to Key Info
  • Quick and efficient onboarding allows investors to swiftly access investment opportunities within the fund's offerings.

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Unlock Opportunities Faster: Streamlined Investor Onboarding through Automation

  • Digital Signature Integration
  • Seamlessly incorporate digital signature solutions into the onboarding process, enabling investors to sign documents electronically. This feature expedites the process, reducing paperwork and delays.

  • Investor Attestation & Verification
  • Ensure rigorous compliance by integrating robust verification processes such as OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control), KYC (Know Your Customer), and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) checks. This ensures that investors meet regulatory standards and helps prevent fraudulent activities.

  • Efficient OFAC Compliance
  • Implement automated checks against OFAC databases to screen investors and ensure adherence to sanctions and compliance regulations, minimizing risks and ensuring legal compliance.

  • KYC and AML Integration
  • Seamlessly integrate KYC and AML verification protocols into the onboarding process. This includes verifying investor identities, assessing risk profiles, and detecting any suspicious activities, ensuring compliance with regulations and minimizing financial risks.

  • Secure Payment Integration
  • Facilitate secure and efficient payment processing within the onboarding framework. Implement secure payment gateways and protocols to enable investors to initiate transactions confidently, ensuring the safety of financial transactions within the platform.



CRM and IRM for Private Equity and Venture Capital

Best-of-breed software systems for private equity and venture capital firms looking for an advantage in the space

InvestorPortaLPro™ investor relations software is built for IR teams and their investors and shareholders to easily share documents, collaborate, and provide charts and data online. Our IR software features allow you to best manage investor relations, communicate and collaborate with clients, and monitor your investor portal interactions. InvestorPortaLPro™ is securely hosted and SSAE SOC II Type 2 certified. Our tools will help you make better business decisions, reduce risk, and collaborate with your current and prospective investors.

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There are many reasons to choose InvestorPortaLPro™. We are affordable yet sophisticated, 100% dedicated to investor portals, and spend most of our revenue on research and development to build a better portal for our customers and their investors.

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"We shall build good software here, at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always good software."

InvestorPortaLPro™ aims to be the most user-friendly, affordable, and modern investor portal on the market for firms of all sizes, including private equity, real estate, public companies, private companies, banks, wealth managers, and asset servicers.

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100% of our team has experience designing, building, and servicing investor portals. We are confident you will not find a more honest, straight-forward, and down to earth team in the space. We are also hiring. Please contact us about joining our team of alternative investment software professionals.

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Every implementation we have done is unique, and all have been success stories for our clients. Our organization is founded on the simple belief that we are successful when our clients are completely happy. We offer flexible pricing, financing options, and certain guarantees in our contracts for your success and ours.

  R&D commitment

InvestorPortaLPro™ develops the most technically advanced alternative investment software and investor portal software on the market today. Designed to be useful, and user friendly. You can choose to host IPP yourself (on premises), or with any hosting provider such as Azure™, or Amazon™ AWS. IPP is built using open source software. Since we develop sophisticated technology we spend a large majority of our budget on research and development.