Secure data room software for private financial deals

Virtual data rooms (VDRs) - secure & transparent - improve the way you market a deal, due diligence is done, and funds are raised. From M&A to partnership negotiations, InvestorPortaLPro supports and maintains data rooms & portals that look beautiful, are easy to use, and save you time and treasure.


InvestorPortaLPro™ investor portals are used for fund raising and fund marketing for new funds and for existing firms that are marketing a new fund. Since you can fully audit the viewing and downloading of your documents, you are able to quickly react to what documents are being consumed online. This allows you to make more effective fund raising decisions. Prospective investors are offered an easy to use data room in order to see current and prospective fund documents, based on easy access rights, from any device, at any time. Once an investor becomes active, they appreciate the fact that the fund marketing data room looks exactly like the current investor portal, which provides a seamless transition for prospects and investors.


Virtual data room software with enterprise security and scalability

InvestorPortaLPro is a modern, clean, and useful investor portal software for alternative asset managers and asset servicers. Our staff has been involved in the design, development, and support of the worlds top investor portals, and now we have an offering for you direct.

Improve communications and collaborating with inbound investor request tracking, web-based investor inquiry support, and a full audit trail of how your investors are interacting with your firm.

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Select benefits of DataRoomPro software by IPP

World class features and benefits of InvestorPortaLPro's virtual data room:

  •   Secure data room documents and data
  • IPP locks it down with end-to-end file encryption, password rules, yubikey, DNSSEC, HIPAA, GDPR and more.
  •   App store
  • Choose from 100s of applications to install just like you do on your phone, with our best of breed app store. Install apps to share videos, pictures, decks, data visualizations and more.
  •   Streamline data room workflow
  • Visual workflow designer tools to automate staging, opening, and closing. Template engine for important documents. Collaboration on documents in the portal. Shared calendars. Forms, surveys, announcements, and more.
  •   Mobile iOS and Android apps
  • Out of the box web apps for your team and investors to share documents from smartphones. A desktop app for power users in your office, like Dropbox or Onedrive, but branded and secure.

Private equity virtual data room software (VDR)

Best-of-breed software systems for private equity and venture capital firms looking for an advantage in the space

InvestorPortaLPro™ data room software is built for IR teams and their investors and shareholders to easily share documents, collaborate, and provide charts and data online. Our IR software features allow you to best manage investor relations, communicate and collaborate with clients, and monitor your investor portal interactions. InvestorPortaLPro™ is securely hosted and SSAE SOC II Type 2 certified. Our tools will help you make better business decisions, reduce risk, and collaborate with your current and prospective investors.

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Why choose a boutique alternative investments software firm?

There are many reasons to choose InvestorPortaLPro™. We are affordable yet sophisticated, 100% dedicated to investor portals, and spend most of our revenue on research and development to build a better portal for our customers and their investors.

  Our vision & dreams

"We shall build good software here, at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always good software."

InvestorPortaLPro™ aims to be the most user-friendly, affordable, and modern investor portal on the market for firms of all sizes, including private equity, real estate, public companies, private companies, banks, wealth managers, and asset servicers.

  Our people, ethics, and experiences

100% of our team has experience designing, building, and servicing investor portals. We are confident you will not find a more honest, straight-forward, and down to earth team in the space. We are also hiring. Please contact us about joining our team of alternative investment software professionals.

  100% customer success & retention

Every implementation we have done is unique, and all have been success stories for our clients. Our organization is founded on the simple belief that we are successful when our clients are completely happy. We offer flexible pricing, financing options, and certain guarantees in our contracts for your success and ours.

  R&D commitment

InvestorPortaLPro™ develops the most technically advanced alternative investment software and investor portal software on the market today. Designed to be useful, and user friendly. You can choose to host IPP yourself (on premises), or with any hosting provider such as Azure™, or Amazon™ AWS. IPP is built using open source software. Since we develop sophisticated technology we spend a large majority of our budget on research and development.